Manage and grow a sustainable digital business

It's all about designing a sustainable strategy for your digital business. I'm here to provide you with resources for improving your business sustainability.

What's the cost of customer acquisition vs retention? Let's discover if it's better to focus on your customer base loyalty or growth.

Getting forms filled-out for e-mail marketing campaigns is a serious game. It’s a core business process. Let me show you why and how e-mail marketers play a relevant role.

LTV and CAC themselves don’t tell you much, they need to be combined in one metric. Defining such metric as LTV/CAC or LTV-CAC you’re investigating two different aspects of your business.

In this piece we will investigate when recruiting online through job boards might be more convenient than contacting a headhunting agency.

Live chat for sales is something you see everywhere on the web. If you are considering implementing it on your website, think carefully.

The email marketing cost is not just about the monthly cost for email marketing software. More costs incur. And you better know all of them.