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Shopify email marketing cost: solutions compared

Running your Shopify store can’t be done without having the support of an email marketing software.

The right way to pick yours is to go to the app store and start exploring. There, you find the most popular software along with apps built specifically for Shopify.

Whichever the service, picking it up from the app store is the right way to get a software which integrates into your operations.

But, which email marketing software for Shopify should you choose? I will help you with the choice by highlighting everything you need to know in terms of costs.

Features you need for email marketing with Shopify

Since under the email marketing section of the Shopify App Store you can find plenty of tools, I have to tell you first why I considered some of them while excluded others.

This research is part of a deep reasoning about email marketing cost. Such reasoning led me to publish also two articles about BigCommerce email marketing and Prestashop email marketing.

The whole research was based on the following essential features a store owner expects from an email marketing software. The latter should:

  • help you to design and embed sign-up forms to collect leads across the store;
  • support you in the design and implementation of campaigns with an intuitive editor;
  • allow you to design workflows to automate the customer relationship;
  • support contact base segmentation through basic criteria.

Shopify email marketing costs disclosed

The costs to consider for doing email marketing with Spotify are three.

First, you have the monthly cost of the email marketing software chosen.

Then, the software should be integrated into your Shopify store and this leads to additional costs in some cases.

In terms of integration, you may have to pay a monthly cost to run the integration app and you may have to pay an additional setup fee.

All the software considered in the analysis do not have any setup fee, neither for the software itself nor for the Shopify app.

So, we can cheer to life because setup fees represent a sunk cost which sometimes keeps us away from services whose user experience we love.

The monthly cost of email marketing for your Shopify store

It’s now time to aggregate the monthly cost of the email marketing software plus the monthly cost of the integration apps, in case the latter is present.

Doing so, we get the final monthly cost for email marketing in Shopify.


Mailchimp sets itself as the definitive choice to start on a budget since it allows you to have great features for free.

Once you grow a bit, its cost is comparable to Omnisend, Aweber and GetResponse.

Klaviyo’s price, which is comparable to the platforms above when you have few customers, grows dramatically when you grow your business.

This is a point to consider carefully, along with the fact that it’s a super-powerful solution for growth-oriented businesses.

Even though Klaviyo’s price grows fast, it might be worth the expense.

A note about the research method

Before leaving you to your thoughts, I would like to highlight two methodological assumptions of my research.

First, some of the figures have been sourced in EUR, while other in USD. When required, I converted EUR into USD multiplying by 1,14.

Second, if you’re surprised you do not see Sendinblue mentioned, it’s because the pricing is not based on the number of contacts but on the number of emails sent per month.

The latter type of pricing didn’t allow me to insert Sendinblue in the research because to estimate the costs derived from such a pricing structure you need to have a very specific business case.

Personal final thoughts

I’m not here to suggest any of the platforms. What I can suggest you is to consider carefully the costs of the different solutions and the detailed features.

The software above can all comply with the typical needs of an e-commerce store owner, but they do it differently. So it’s important you find yourself comfortable in working with your chosen email marketing software.

Comfortable means being able to do everything you need in the daily routine and to do it in a productive way.

The email marketer plays a relevant role in targeting the desired customer acquisition cost and hence you should be focused on achieving sales target rather than spending time overcoming software constraints.

Last but not least, consider carefully the evaluation by your peers of the integration app. Having a well-rated app in the Shopify App Store is imperative for you to run your business smoothly.