Cracking e-business through financial modeling.

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If you are considering e-commerce, whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, you probably better go for brick&mortar first. Surprised? No reason to, finance has the answer.

At day one you pay costs as entry player. Reaching economies of scale may be your secret weapon to boost profitability. How much your business benefits from the boost?

LTV and CAC themselves don’t tell you much, they need to be combined in one metric. Defining such metric as LTV/CAC or LTV-CAC you’re investigating two different aspects of your business.

You run your customer acquisition strategy and get new customers aiming at converting them to repeated purchases. This marketing seems coming for free, right? No!

We acquire leads paying a CPL for then converting them at a certain CR. These two factors determine the CAC. Which of the two factors is more relevant?

When we draw our Business Plan, much of the success is due to the correct estimation of the LTV over CAC. Making errors in this estimation may cause big damages. How big may the damage be?